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invincible intangibles

[Jesus said to an unnamed woman in AD 30:] God is spirit and those who worship him must worship him in spirit and truth. ........."       John 4: 24

What's more dangerous to a child: seeing a packet of cigarettes for sale or seeing the front page of GQ or Nuts? Clearly the latter has more propensity to harm by sight alone. Despite this the British Government has announced its intention to require that cigarette packets be kept under the counter but done nothing about the top shelf.

The "intangibles" in a child - in any person, actually - can be harmed, damaged, rendered evil. These intangibles, the things that cannot be touched or seen in a person are of the utmost importance to that particular child or person.

That's why Jersey's 2009 Business Plan released last week envisages £98 million being spent on Education. Education informs the intangibles in each person, helping each person to rise to better heights than would otherwise be the case.

And the very recent spat in the Jersey Evening Post about whether Jersey people will suffer from the global credit crisis connects entirely with intangibles.
How so?
Well, the global credit crisis is, in fact, a matter of the optimism or pessimism - a matter of the 'spirit' that people have. For many years now, those in banks and financial institutions have been very optimistic that borrowers of less and less credit-worthiness would be able to repay home loans. As time went on it seemed that the optimism was proved correct. Not so now. That widespread optimistic spirit has finally been proved incorrect.

Incorrect with a vengeance, actually, because of the grip of a new intangible that now holds sway. There has arisen within all bankers an unseen untouchable that one can only describe as "fear" or even "terror". Bankers will not even lend to each other except at rates of interest previously thought extortionate - let alone to sub-prime borrowers. The Chairman of UBS, the Swiss banking giant, who resigned this week has seen his personal world destroyed (in effect) by the intangible spirit of pessimism - and many UBS folk will lose jobs because of that intangible spirit that seems now to be invincible.

Ah, yes. The "spirit". The "spirit" is the intangible part of every man and woman. It can be optimistic or pessimistic - and any shade in between. It can be “good” and “evil”. And when many "spirits" think alike (as in global finance) the effect is huge.
As is the effect of one powerful individual whose "spirit" is determined to achieve a particular objective - like Robert Mugabwe, also in the news these days.

Interesting then (see above) that Jesus Christ (AD 0 - AD33) should teach a humble woman who had had five husbands (maybe all five were fuelled with the GQ and Nuts of the day) that God is "spirit". in other words, God is intangible - invincibly intangible. More invincible than all the seemingly-invincible intangibles of all men and women combined.

Interesting too that Jesus should then go on to say to her in a most gracious way that she, too, needed to worship (know and serve) this invincible "intangible” spirit that is Almighty God. 

And that he, Jesus, had come to meet her for that very purpose as he, himself, assured her.

 ‘Who has ever seen an idea? Who has ever seen love? Who has ever seen faith? The real things in the world are the invisible spiritual realities. Is it so difficult, then, to believe in God?' (Charles Templeton, Canadian writer, 1915-2001)
‘The existence of God does not just face us with something to be believed or rejected, but someone to be accepted or rejected.' (Peter S Williams, Philosopher and author)
Richard Syvret

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