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Christians, please

In fact, he [Jesus of Nazareth c. AD30] said to his disciples, It is impossible for entrapments not to come, but woe to him through whom they come! It pays his dues if a mill stone surrounds itself around his own neck and has been thrown into the sea than that one of these little ones may be entrapped.” (Luke 17: 1)
Oh, dear. Yes, I’m a Christian, a disciple of Jesus, but I haven’t taken to heart the seriousness of the above message. 

The above is a more literal translation (from the original Greek) than you will read in Luke’s biography of Jesus in the New Testament in the Bible. 

It is a message from Jesus himself to his very own disciples.

What prompted him to give them all that extremely concerning warning?

The answer is that, immediately before saying this to his disciples, he had been warning the Jerusalem religious leaders about their conduct with regard to their money, divorce and their treatment of the poor. Their conduct, in fact. All that is recorded in chapter 16 of Luke’s gospel.

If you’ve not ever read it – and claim to be a disciple of Jesus – please do so. Jesus is saying that it all applies directly to his own disciples. The entrapment itself is heading into deep oceans along with whoever is attached to it.

Although you are a Christian you may justly deserve what Jesus stated. He loved and loves “these little ones.”

Sinner Syvret

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