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John63 – the servant king

With these things Jesus revealed himself again to the disciples upon the Sea of Tiberias. In fact he revealed in this way: Simon Peter, and Thomas (the one stated “Didymus”), and Nathanael (the one from Cana of Galilee), and those of Zebedee, and two others from his disciples, were together. (John 21: 1)
These two sentences begin the epilogue which John wrote to his eye-witness first-century AD biography of Jesus Christ. The life, death and resurrection of Jesus have all been recorded. But there were a few more things which John wanted his readers to appreciate. That’s why he used the word “revealed” – twice above and once more, below, at the end of this John63. 

The first thing to note is that seven disciples are involved, including ‘doubting’ Thomas (see John62), Nathanael (see John5) and John the biographer himself – he being one of the sons of Zebedee. An eclectic mix.
Simon Peter states to them, “I am going away to fish-in-the-sea’” They state to him, “And we ourselves are coming with you.” They came out and embarked into the ship and in that night took nothing. Early morning in fact having already come to be, Jesus stood into the shore. However, the disciples had not discerned that it is Jesus.

The disciples, led by Peter, begin to realise that they now need to earn a living – besides following the resurrected Jesus. Together they go sea-fishing. Together they fail. Jesus, however, “stood into the seashore”. Jesus is on the shore and into the sea. Is this shore on the Sea of Galilee a parallel for another shore where Jesus now is? Is he still, now, looking after his disciples?

So Jesus states to them, “Children, you do not have anything edible.” They answered him, “No.” In fact he said to them, “Put the net into the right side of the ship, and you will find.” So they put and were no longer strong to draw it in from the multitude of the ichthys. 

Yes, his disciples are his children. He cares. He will see guide them.

So that disciple, the one Jesus was loving, states to Peter, “It is the Lord.” So Simon Peter, having heard that it is the Lord, self-enfolded in the outer-clothing (because he was naked) and put himself into the sea. In fact the other disciples came in the boat, because they were not far from the land but about two hundred cubits [100 metres] away, pulling the net of the ichthys.

Peter was stripped for work. But his purpose was Jesus – not work. He wanted to get to shore as quickly as possible. The others continued the work.

So when they stepped away into the ground, they see a charcoal fire resting and a savoury-fish resting thereon and a bread. Jesus states to them, “Bring from the savoury-fishes that you took right now.” So Simon Peter ascended and drew the net into the land, full of great ichthys—one hundred fifty three—and, being so many, the net was not torn.

Jesus not only assisted them in their livelihood but also arranged sustenance for them for which they did had not worked one iota. With that example from his leader Simon Peter is first in the run to bring in their provisions for others. Do you have any idea why John recorded 100 50 3 “great fishes”? I don’t.

Jesus states to them, “Draw near! Breakfast.” In fact not one of the disciples was daring to ask him, “Who are you?”, discerning that it is the Lord. Jesus comes and takes hold of the bread and gives to them, and the savoury-fish likewise. 

The disciples are speechless towards Jesus. Are they totally stunned that this crucified man, now resurrected from death, is there, on the shore, still supplying their needs, cooking for them, feeding them? Could it be that they ae feeling terribly challenged that, whilst they were out fishing for themselves, their Lord was working not for himself but for them.

Is that what the risen Jesus is doing for his followers today?

This now third Jesus was revealed to the disciples having been raised up from dead ones. 

Third? Yes, this is the third resurrection appearance of Jesus to his disciples recorded by John in his biography. But is it also a revelation of a “third” Jesus? (1) Jesus, Son of the Most High, Lord of all. (2) Jesus the crucified, living Saviour of human beings. (3) Jesus in glory, the Servant King.

Do any of our world leaders match him? The king of kings.

Sinner Syvret

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