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John50 – the advocate’s role

“In fact I did not say these things to you from the beginning because I was with you. In fact, right now I am going away towards the one having sent me, and none of you is asking me, ‘To where are you going away?’” (John 16: 4)
Above and below, John, the first century eye-witness biographer of Jesus of Nazareth continues to recall what Jesus said to his disciples the night before his AD 30 crucifixion in Jerusalem. He has already said new things to them, things that they didn’t need to know while he was physically among them.

He is particularly aware that none of them have asked for his destination. He knows his ultimate destination – after the cross. They haven’t even asked.

“But because I have spoken these things to you, the sorrow has filled full your heart. But I myself state to you the truth. It profits you that I myself come away because, if I do not come away, the attorney may never come towards you; in fact, if I may depart, I will send him towards you.”

Clearly, their heart is at rock bottom over his departure. None of them want to remain in existence without him. But he tells them an encouraging truth. He will be replaced by another – by the advocate from above. A Jersey advocate is a lawyer who looks after all the interests of his client, knows and imparts all the client needs to know, and pleads on behalf of his client in every situation.

“And having come, that one will reprove the world concerning sin and concerning righteousness and concerning judgment.”

But this advocate will have an additional major role among the people in the world in which Jesus’ disciples will be living after he has returned to his father above. A reproving role with three facets.

“Concerning sin indeed, because they do not believe into me...”

This advocate from heaven above – the holy spirit of the LORD God - will reprove the people of this world of their sin. The key, incriminating sin about which they need conviction is the fact that “they do not believe into” Jesus.

“ fact concerning righteousness, because I am going away towards the father and you observe me no longer...”

The second reproof of the people of this world by the coming advocate, Jesus tells his disciples, is “concerning righteousness”. There can have been no doubt whatsoever in the conviction of these disciples that Jesus was totally sinless when he was sentenced to death for criminality by two separate courts in Jerusalem within the next few hours. The advocate comes after Jesus  will have been raised from that imposed death, confirming to the world its sinfulness in attempting to rid themselves of him – and his father.

“... in fact concerning judgment, because the leader of this world has been judged.”

The third reproof which the coming advocate will deliver to this world has to do with “judgment.” The advocate, the invisible holy spirit of the LORD God, dispatched by Jesus as soon as he returns to his father above, will only arrive after Jesus’ resurrection. Jesus identifies “the ruler of this world” as the moving force behind the actions of all human beings, including their rejection and crucifixion of him. The advocate will reprove human beings in this world of the judgment and ultimate defeat of their and its ruler at the cross.

“I still have many things to state to you, but you are not able to lift now. In fact when that one—the Spirit of the truth—may come, he will guide you in the truth - everything - because he will not speak from himself, but whatsoever he will hear he will speak, and he will announce amongst you the coming things.”

Jesus is well aware that his disciples are in no fit state, at that time, to “lift” certain additional truth. This advocate will do just that as well as guide them into all the truth of the LORD God above and of the “coming things”.

“That one will glorify me, because, from of me, he will lay hold and will announce amongst you. Everything whatsoever the Father has is mine. Through this I said that from of me he lays hold and will announce amongst you.”

The purpose, the objective, of the advocate sent from above to the disciples and through them to all the people of this world, is a singularity. It is to glorify Jesus by making him known and proclaiming him and all he is and has - to all.

Sinner Syvret

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