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John22 – spin and those who need it

And with these things Jesus (c. AD 30, as recorded by eye-witness biographer John) was walking in Galilee because he did not dersire to walk in Judea, in that the Judeans were seeking to kill him. In fact, the festival of the Judeans—the “Pitching of Tent Dwellings” - was near. 
Jesus keeps away from Judea – from Jerusalem its capital city – where this feast is to take place. This particular feast was held so as to remind people about where their ancestors had pitched their tents. Their rock in life.

So his brothers said towards him, “Pass away from here and go away into Judea, in order that your disciples also may observe your works that you are doing. Because no one does something in secret and himself seeks to be in openness. If you are doing these things, reveal yourself to the world!” Because not even his brothers believed into him.

His brothers want him to “pass away” – to pitch his tent - where he would be killed. As a cover, they suggest he needs to do some works there.

So Jesus stated to them, “My own time is not yet present, in fact your own time is always ready. The world is not able to hate you, in fact it hates me in that I myself testify concerning it, that its works are evil.  You ascend into the festival! I myself am not ascending into this festival, in that my own time is not yet filled full.” In fact, having said these things, he himself stayed in Galilee. 

Twice Jesus comments that “his time” (to be killed) hasn’t come. In between he lets his brothers know that he knows their intentions - and the intentions of “the world” - towards him. He knows why they so intend. Same today?

In fact, when his brothers ascended into the festival, then he himself also ascended, not openly, but like in secret.  So the Judeans were seeking him in the festival, and were stating, “Where is that one?” And there was much grumbling concerning him in the crowds: some indeed were stating that, “He is good”; others in fact were stating, “No, but he is deceiving the crowd.” 

Some say: “he is good”. Others say: “No” – it’s all spin, all deceit.

However, no one was speaking openly concerning him through fear of the Judeans. 

Jerusalem society was totally opposed to him. Better to appear disinterested in him. Otherwise, you’ll be the one in trouble. Same today.

In fact, the festival being already midway, Jesus ascended into the temple and was teaching. So the Judeans were astonished, stating, “How does this man discern writings, not having learned?” So Jesus answered them and said, “My own teaching is not my own, but of the one having sent me. If anyone may desire to do his desire, he will know concerning the teaching, whether it is from God or I myself am speaking from myself.” 

Jerusalem society is “astonished” at the effectiveness of his teaching. No spin, no communications experts to help him. The crowds are moved, His teaching is from above. Jesus explains that only those who “want to do” “God’s “will” will know whether or not his words are “from God”. They don’t and they won’t.

“The one speaking from himself seeks his own glory. In fact, the one seeking the glory of the one who sent him—this one is true, and no unrighteousness is in him.”

A leader not “seeking his own glory” – a leader “seeking the glory of the one who appointed him” – doesn’t need to spin anything at all.  

“Has Moses not given to you the law, and none of you does the law? Why are you seeking to kill me?” The crowd answered, “You have a demon. Who is seeking to kill you?” Jesus answered and said to them, “I did one work and everyone is astonished. Through this, Moses has given to you the circumcision - not that it is from Moses, but from the fathers - and you circumcise a man in a Sabbath. If a man lays hold of circumcision in the Sabbath in order that the law of Moses may not be released, are you angry with me in that I made a man whole in a Sabbath? Do not judge with reference to face, but judge the righteous judgment!”

The crowd feared the Jerusalem authorities, knowing they wanted to kill him. Now the crowd denies that. The reason for killing him was Sabbath breaking – something the authorities were also doing - weekly. It seems that “righteous judgment” alone sees through the anti-Jesus spin.

Sinner Syvret

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