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John14 – too good to live

The man came away and announced amongst the Judeans that Jesus is the one having made him well. And through this the Judeans were persecuting Jesus, in that he was doing these things in a sabbath. 
The “man” mentioned here (in John’s first century eye-witness biography of Jesus) remains nameless. He had been 38 years in such a weakened condition that he could not do anything to save himself. He had no one to place him into the healing pool where, occasionally, cures took place. Others inevitably got there first. But Jesus had made “him well”. “On the Sabbath.”

In fact he answered them, “My Father is working until now. Also I am working.” So through this the Judeans were seeking even more to kill him, in that he not only was releasing the Sabbath, but also was stating God as his own Father, making himself identical to God. 

Following his “persecution” because of Sabbath-breaking, Jesus decided to make this statement to his persecutors: “My Father is working until now. I also am working.” The religious in Jerusalem knew only too well that Almighty God did not rest on the Sabbath. The creator and sustainer of all things needed to sustain the whole of his creation 24/7. 

Jesus quietly says that he is following his Father and is “working” every day for all creation - including on Sabbath days.

Then “persecution” morphs into even stronger desire: “to kill him”. To them it is intolerable that he was “making himself identical with God.” They must kill – for God’s sake, for their sake.

‘If the world does hate you, take care that it hates you without cause.’ (C H Spurgeon, pastor and writer, 1834-1892)
So Jesus answered and stated to them, “Amen, amen I state to you, the Son is able to do nothing from himself except something he may see the Father doing because those things which that one may do these things also the Son does likewise.”

This carefully recorded statement of Jesus – with its “Amen, amen” beginning – is unusual, to say the least. In these days when world leaders are all claiming the power “to do whatever it takes” to deal with every problem under the sun, this man states his inability. He “is not able to do anything from himself.”

For me, this statement of Jesus is absolutely wonderful. Jesus had “made well” this totally sucked-out-for-38-years man “because” that sort of thing is the sort of thing that he has seen Almighty God his Father do. Yes, the God and Father above, creator of all, actually “makes well” total failures.

“Because the Father loves-in-friendship the Son and shows him all things that he himself is doing. And greater works than these he will show him in order that you may be astonished.”

Jesus then explains the reason why the Father is showing him what he, the Father, is doing – things like making well a dead-beat man. It’s because of “love-in-friendship” of Father and Son. Given that fact, it’s not surprising that Jesus tells his persecutors – those who want to kill him – that they will be “astonished” to see what the Father does when they see the “greater works” which Jesus will, soon, do. What “works” are those? He explains.

“Because just as the Father raises up the dead ones and makes alive, in this way also the Son makes alive those he desires.”

It’s not only that he will raise several from the dead. That he will indeed do. But those who persecute and kill him will also see him made alive again – by the Father - from the dead. By that all will know that “the Son makes alive whomsoever he wants.” 

“Because not even the Father judges anyone but has given every judgment to the Son, in order that everyone may honour the Son, just as they honour the Father. The one not honouring the Son is not honouring the Father who sent him.”

Not only is life from the dead in his hands, but also judgment. That will be the just judgment which we all long to see applied – with total correctness and truth – to others.

‘There are simply too many atrocities in the history of our world for there to be no day of judgment.’ (Frank Retief)
“Amen, amen I state to you that the one hearing my word and believing the one having sent me has eternal life, and does not come into judgment, but has passed from the death into the life.” 

Judgment avoided. Eternal life from the dead. It’s truly, truly, possible.

Sinner Syvret

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